Category: Antibiotic resistance

  • Economic burden of antibiotic resistance

    Today, one of my studies was published. The title of the study was “Economic burden of antibiotic-not-susceptible isolates in uncomplicated urinary tract infection: Analysis of a US integrated delivery network database” This is work with co-authors Alen Marijam, Ashish V. Joshi, Fanny S. Mitrani-Gold, Katie Everson, Rifat Tuly, Peter Rosenquist, Michael Gillam & Maria Elena […]

  • New Study Sets Baseline to Measure Quality of Antibiotic Prescribing in U.S. Hospitals

    Experts set national targets to improve prescribing—essential to protecting patients and slowing the rise of antibiotic resistance On March 18, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a new study in JAMA Network Open showing that in 2015, more than half of antibiotics prescribed in U.S hospitals did not follow recommended prescribing practices. […]

  • $1 billion antibiotic venture fund launched

    Antibiotic resistance is a problem. One study from Europe found that in 2015 there were 33,110 deaths attributable to antibiotic resistance; accounting for morbidity as well, antibiotic resistance lead to a a decrease of 874,541 disability-adjusted life years. CDC data show that antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi caused 35,900 deaths in 2019, 12,800 deaths due […]