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  • Amazon backs Feedback’s cloud screening project for TB in India

    A cloud-based tuberculosis screening programme for rural communities in India, developed by UK company Feedback, is being supported by a cash injection from online retail giant Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing funding to a pilot study of Feedback’s platform, which gathers X-ray images and uploads them to the cloud for remote assessment using […]

  • A Troop of 800lb Gorillas are Vying to be “The Amazon of Healthcare”

    Brian Yarnell, President and Co-Founder Bluestream Health A Troop of 800lb Gorillas are Vying to be “The Amazon of Healthcare” and Traditional Healthcare Providers are about to get Mauled First, I love Amazon. Mr. Bezos, please don’t turn off our Bluestream servers. Now my groveling is out of the way I can say “being the […]

  • Boost for Amazon’s telehealth business, as Hilton signs up

    Amazon’s push into the provision of remote healthcare services has been rewarded with a top-tier corporate client – the Hilton hotel chain. The deal – first reported by Reuters – involves the Amazon Care platform, which includes remote, online consultations with clinicians, as well as home visits in some areas. It provides primary and preventive […]

  • Amazon Brings Alexa to Senior Living Communities and Health Systems

    What You Should Know: – Today, Amazon announced two new solutions,  as part of Alexa Smart Properties that will enable senior living communities and healthcare providers to integrate Alexa into their properties to empower residents and patients to stay connected, informed and entertained, just by asking Alexa. – Designed specifically for the needs of senior living communities and healthcare […]

  • HLTH21: TytoCare Launches Enhanced Telehealth Video Capabilities Powered by Amazon Chime

    What You Should Know:  – Today at HLTH21, TytoCare launched an expansion of its video capabilities, including enhanced video quality, multi-party calls, and the ability for clinicians to conduct remote visits on any tablet, including iPads. – The enhanced video capabilities include top-of-the-line video quality on Windows and MacOS, iOS and Android, and tablets, including […]

  • CVS Health Executive: ‘Underestimate Amazon at One’s Peril’

    The retail giants are getting — either indirectly or directly — into home-based care. That matters, because if they didn’t firmly believe in it, they wouldn’t be paying any mind to it at all. “We’re a $270 billion company. … You have to pick what you’re going to spend your time on,” Alan Lotvin, the […]

  • Amazon names 10 finalists in its first digital health accelerator

    Amazon’s push into healthcare takes many forms, and one is decidedly biotech-like – running an accelerator to identify and support startups with promising technology platforms. The online commerce giant’s first accelerator kicked off in June, focusing on digital health companies, and 427 applications from 31 countries around the world have now been winnowed down to […]

  • UPMC Health Plan Launches Virtual Concierge for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Devices

    UPMC Voice Assistant Alexa 3 – Fine_Cut_0322 – UPMC Health Plan What You Should Know: – UPMC Health Plan announced today the launch of a Virtual Concierge that will assist commercial plan members with some of their most frequently asked questions related to their benefits and coverage and how to access care and services. – The Virtual […]

  • After Haven dissolves, JPM goes it alone

    Less than a year after Haven dissolved, JPMorgan is starting a new venture to improve healthcare with a similarly broad vision. In the meantime, Amazon is rolling out new employee benefits as it starts selling a telehealth benefit to other companies

  • Amazon Offers Mental Health Benefits for US Employees & Their Families

    What You Should Know:  – Amazon today launched a new mental health benefit, Resources for Living, that provides every U.S. employee, their family, and their household with a single place to start for personalized, convenient, and confidential support for mental health and daily life assistance. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days […]

  • Q1 2021 Health IT/Digital Health PC/VE, M&A, IPOs/ SPACs Activity

    The first quarter of 2021 has been one of investor optimism as the vaccine rollout continues ahead of expectations and economic activity begins to accelerate in response.  Within the Health IT industry, the already strong investment and M&A trends seen in 2020 have only accelerated.  Over the course of the quarter, we observed $7 billion in private […]

  • AWS Launches Next Phase of Diagnostic Development Initiative

    What You Should Know: – Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the next phase of Diagnostic Development Initiative and expanded funding scope. – In the first phase of the initiative, AWS has supported 87 organizations to date through this effort ranging from startups, nonprofits, research institutions, and businesses in 17 countries and awarded $8 million in computing credits and customized expertise from AWS Solutions Architects and the AWS […]

  • Pivot to Chronic-Disease Management Presents ‘Enormous’ Upside for Amazon Care

    Amazon’s (NYSE: AMZN) in-home care platform — Amazon Care — is currently designed to coordinate care for employees and their family members. In the not-too-distant future, however, it may be more generally used for chronic-disease management. That’s according to Michael Abrams, managing partner of the global health care consultancy Numerof & Associates. Abrams has been […]

  • Next-Generation Cloud Storage: Enabling Collaboration & Analytics for Pharma Research

    Russ Kennedy, Chief Product Officer, Nasuni Pharmaceutical companies today are distributed, global organizations, with research centers, manufacturing facilities, and regulatory management hubs spread all over the globe. To develop new treatments and bring them to market, all of these different functions need to collaborate more closely than ever. Using traditional, on-premises storage technologies, however, makes […]

  • With telehealth, pharmacy offerings, Amazon starts to encroach on PBMs

    As Amazon starts to roll out its telehealth and pharmacy offerings, most big health systems and insurers don’t yet view it as a threat. But pharmacy benefit managers and vertically integrated payers will be keeping a watchful eye on the company as it starts to encroach on a slice of their business. 

  • Novo Nordisk, TetraScience Partner on Cloud-Based Instrument Data Platform

    What You Should Know: – Novo Nordisk A/S, a leading global healthcare company, and TetraScience, the leading global Life Sciences R&D Data Cloud, announce a new partnership to design a cloud-based instrument data platform for drug R&D, built natively on Amazon Web Services. – Novo Nordisk will leverage the TetraScience Platform for automated instrument data […]

  • Amazon Reveals National Expansion Plans for In-Home Care Platform ‘Amazon Care’

    For years, health care experts have watched Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) steadily wade deeper and deeper into home-based care waters. It appears the Seattle-based technology powerhouse is finally diving in — and making a big splash. On Wednesday, Amazon announced it is expanding Amazon Care — its on-demand health care service — across the U.S. Plans […]

  • Why Patients, Not EHRs, Deserve our Undivided Attention

    Prayus Tailor, MD, FASN We cannot earn patients’ trust and respect if we are tethered to a computer in the exam room, navigating the EHR concurrent to a visit or otherwise in a hurry to finish so we can return to our office where data entry to the EHR awaits us. ______________________________________________________ I am a […]

  • Haven: The strategy that didn’t fix healthcare

    John Singer discusses the disbanding of Haven, the joint healthcare venture by Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway, and the strategies that can help fix US healthcare.  “The market” was terrified when Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon and Jeff Bezos got together to disrupt healthcare three years ago with the launch of Haven – in response […]

  • To Beat COVID-19, We Need A Modern Approach to Public Health Data

    Ed Simcox, Chief Strategy Officer at LifeOmic The COVID-19 pandemic, which has taken 270,000 American lives to date, has shined a light on another crisis — the U.S. currently has no standardized system for reporting public health data. Health departments all over the country resort to using paper, fax, phone, and email to transmit and […]

  • Traditional RESTful APIs Will Not Solve Healthcare’s Biggest Interoperability Problems

    Brian Platz, Co-CEO and Co-Chairman of Fluree Interoperability is a big discussion in health care, with new regulations requiring interoperability for patient data. Most approaches follow the typical RESTful API approach that has become the standard method for data exchange. Yet Health Level Seven (HL7), with its new Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard for […]

  • Xealth’s CEO Shares Impact of Digital Health in 2020 and What’s Ahead in 2021

    Mike McSherry, CEO & Co-founder of Xealth HIT Consultant sat down with Mike McSherry, CEO, and co-founder of Seattle-based digital prescription platform Xealth to discuss digital health lessons learned in 2020 and what we can expect in 2021. As Xealth’s CEO, Mike also works with Duke Health, UPMC, Atrium Health, and The Froedtert & the […]

  • A Haven No More

    Haven was a high-profile effort whereby three industry titans–Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan–created a joint venture with the hope of lower costs and improving quality. Today, Haven announced it is shutting down in February. What happened? I don’t know the answer, but below are a few possibilities. Scale. Although these are three large companies, […]

  • Amazon’s health venture Haven to cease trading

    Haven, the healthcare venture launched by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase is to cease trading next month after failing to achieve its goal of pushing down health insurance costs for US workers. The joint venture had been billed by many as Amazon’s big move into healthcare when it was launched three years ago […]

  • Amazon, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Merck to Build $10M Digital Health Innovation Lab in Israel

    Rehovot Science Park What You Should Know: – Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, and Teva, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been selected by the Israel Innovation Authority to establish an innovation lab in the fields of digital health and computational biology. – The innovation lab located in the Rehovot Science Park will receive a government budget […]

  • Amazon, CVS Health, Thermo Fisher Scientific Form Alliance for Employer-based COVID-19 Testing

    What You Should Know: – Amazon, CVS Health, Thermo Fisher Scientific join forces to promote employer-based testing As part of a comprehensive COVID-19 testing strategy. – The coalition, named Workplace Employers Alliance for COVID-19 Testing (WE ACT), believes that employer-based testing programs are essential to keeping employees safe during the current public health emergency. – […]

  • Amazon Launches HealthLake for Healthcare Orgs to Aggregate & Structure Health Data

    What You Should Know: – Amazon today announced the launch of Amazon HealthLake, a new HIPAA-eligible service enables healthcare organizations to store, tag, index, standardize, query, and apply machine learning to analyze data at petabyte scale in the cloud. – Cerner, Ciox Health, Konica Minolta Precision Medicine, and Orion Health among customers using Amazon HealthLake. […]

  • Amazon opens 4 more primary care clinics with Crossover Health

    Amazon, which opened a primary care clinic for employees in June, has added four more such clinics — all operated by medical group Crossover Health. The new clinics are based in Texas, but Amazon plans to open more locations in Arizona, Kentucky and Michigan over the next year.

  • #Healthin2Point 00, Episode 168 | Is Amazon taking over the world of healthcare?

    Goodbye health insurance, hello Amazon Prime membership! Today on Health in 2 Point 00, we talk about all the Amazon news now that they’re moving into pharmacy via Amazon Prime. Jess and I also discuss AliveCor raising $65 million for its personal EKG technology and Talkspace acquiring Lasting, a relationship counseling app. Levels raises $12 […]

  • Amazon Launches Digital Pharmacy Store: 6 Key Things to Know, Inc. today announced the expansion of its foothold into the pharmacy business with two new pharmacy offerings to help customers conveniently purchase their prescription medications. Amazon Pharmacy, a new store on Amazon, allows customers to complete an entire pharmacy transaction on their desktop or mobile device through the Amazon App. Here are six key […]

  • Amazon Unveils ‘Care Hub,’ a New Alexa Tool Designed for Aging in Place

    Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) has taken another step toward taking over the aging-in-place space. Earlier this week, the online retail and technology giant announced it is rolling out a new health care feature through its Alexa device aimed at helping informal caregivers monitor seniors inside the home. The new feature — dubbed “Care Hub” — allows […]

  • 3 Telemedicine Security and Compliance Best Practices

    Gerry Miller, Founder & CEO at Cloudticity The coronavirus pandemic accelerated telemedicine exponentially as patients and doctors switched from in-person visits to remote consultations. Health providers rapidly scaled virtual offerings in March and April and traffic volumes soared to unprecedented levels, with practices “seeing 50 to 175 times the number of patients by telehealth than […]

  • Amazon enters health wearables market with Halo service

    Amazon has launched a fitness band, app and subscription service – called Halo – that promises to look after both your body and mind. The e-commerce giant’s entry into the health wearables market combines monitoring of physical data such as activity levels, sleep patterns and body fat with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that listen for […]

  • PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (Aug 24 -28, 2020)

    1. Taysha Gene Therapies’ TSHA-101 Receives the US FDA’s Orphan Drug Designation and Rare Pediatric Disease Designation for GM2 Gangliosidosis Published: Aug 27, 2020 | Tags:  Taysha Gene Therapies, TSHA-101, Receives, US, FDA, Orphan Drug Designation, Rare Pediatric Disease Designation, GM2 Gangliosidosis 2. Bayer Reports the NDA Submission to NMPA for Vericiguat to Treat Chronic […]

  • Amazon Enters into Fitness Space with the Launch of Halo Band and App

    Shots: Amazon launches the Halo fitness band and a subscription service by the same name. The smart band combines a suite of AI-powered health tool with an innovative and stylish wrist band Halo band and subscription service unlock an array of health metrics, including activity, sleep, body fat, and tone of voice analysis, to determine […]

  • Amazon tries its hand at wearables  

    The e-commerce giant made its debut in the wearables market with Halo, a fitness tracker with some unique features. Amazon said the device and its corresponding app can scan a user’s voice for emotions and measures a user’s body composition.

  • Crossover Health: The Amazon Deal, Primary Care & The Rise of the ‘Health Activist’ Employer

    By JESSICA DaMASSA, WTF HEALTH “Next-gen” healthcare might just be getting its start in primary care. So says Crossover Health’s CEO, Scott Shreeve, who laughingly channels Justin Timberlake and says he’s “bringing sexy back” to it too. With Walmart launching its own Healthcare Super Centers, Walgreens partnering with VillageMD in a $1-billion-dollar three-year deal, and […]

  • 4 Ways Businesses Will Adapt Their Healthcare Landscape

    Dr. Donald Brown, CEO and founder of LifeOmic The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, from how we work to how we get our health care. The crisis has put the creativity of many small businesses to the test after being forced to move operations online once social distancing became the norm. […]

  • Envisioning a 5G-Powered Retail-Healthcare Hub

    Mitzi Amon, Director of Healthcare Marketing at Vertiv If you’ve been to a big-brand grocery or department store recently, you probably noticed some form of healthcare outlet – or maybe you didn’t. These in-store pharmacies and clinics have become so omnipresent, right there next to the diapers, dog food, and green beans, that unless you […]

  • Analysis: July Health IT M&A Activity; Public Company Performance

    – Healthcare Growth Partners’ (HGP) summary of Health IT/digital health mergers & acquisition (M&A) activity, and public company performance during the month of July 2020. While a pandemic ravages the country, technology valuations are soaring.  The Nasdaq hit an all-time high during the month of July, sailing through the 10,000 mark to post YTD gains […]

  • Greenway Health Taps AWS to Develop Cloud-Based, Data Services Platform

    What You Should Know: – To help meet the needs of ambulatory care practitioners in a post-COVID environment, Greenway Health, a leading health information technology, and services provider, today announced a new strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). – Leveraging AWS cloud services, Greenway is developing a new cloud-based, data services platform, Greenway Insights, […]