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  • ‘The Conversation Is Way Overdue’: Why the Home Care Staffing System Is Broken

    Families trust home-based care workers with the lives of their loved ones during some of the most vulnerable stretches of their lives. But as at-home care becomes more popular in the U.S., supporting the individuals that make up the workforce will have to be a priority. Without the workforce of home health aides, companions and […]

  • The Home Health Workforce Has Shrunk by 3.1% Since the Pandemic Started

    It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The prolonged crisis has had a substantial impact on the U.S. health care labor pool, including the home health workforce, though to a slightly lesser extent. In February 2020, the nation’s health care employment peaked at nearly 16.5 million jobs, according to nonprofit research […]

  • Against All Odds, Home Health Care Helped Bend 2020’s Cost Curve

    For the first time in decades, U.S. health care spending may have actually decreased in 2020, new data suggests. Several factors likely contributed to the potential decrease, according to nonprofit research and consulting firm Altarum, which released a preliminary analysis of last year’s national health spending on Tuesday. Such factors include year-over-year declines in hospital […]