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  • Cellectis Collaborates with Sanofi for Alemtuzumab to be Utilized in CART-Cell Trials

    Shots: The companies enter into a supply agreement for Alemtuzumab to be used in Cellectis’ trials as a lymphodepleting regimen for UCART22 in the BALLI-01 clinical trial to treat r/r ALL, and for UCART123 in AMELI-01 clinical trial to treat r/r AML but not for UCARTCS1 due to self-lymphodepleting activity Sanofi will provide alemtuzumab for […]

  • Hair Transplant in Turkey – Treatment Handbook

    Hair transplant involves removal of hair follicles from a specific part of the body and implantation of the same in the site in question. In simple terms, hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles from the donor site, which shows dense growth or sufficient growth, to the recipient site which shows the signs […]

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment Cost in Spain

    IVF in Spain has become the talk of the town in various corners of the world. As per the records, Spain remains one of the topmost countries to receive the highest number of candidates willing to resort to artificial methods of fertilization. Among which, approximately 180,000 procedures of IVF have been performed on an annual […]

  • MediGence Receives Key Temos Certification for Upholding International Quality Standards for Medical Travel

    The global medical tourism platform MediGence proudly announces the addition of the accreditation of “Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination” from the global leader Temos International. MediGence becomes the first medical travel coordinator in India to achieve Temos certification for its unmatched services to international patients. The company now proudly stands out from the crowd […]

  • Patient from Ethiopia Underwent PET Scan at Turkey

    Mrs Sendu Tereffe was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. The stage 4 cancer had advanced, and she underwent treatment in her home country, Ethiopia. Mrs Sendu Tereffe wanted to know her prognosis and the efficacy of her treatment. She decided to have a consultation with a reputed oncologist and oncology follow up. She wanted […]

  • Roche Highlights its Bispecific Antibody Portfolio Across a Range of Blood Cancers at ASH 2020

    Shots: The company presented the new data of its T-cell engaging bispecific Abs, mosunetuzumab, glofitamab and cevostamab at ASH 2020, demonstrating encouraging activity across multiple types of blood cancer Roche divulges that its mosunetuzumab & glofitamab showed promising responses across multiple types of NHL, including R/R FL & DLBCL, reinforcing from the P-I/Ib GO29781 study […]

  • A Congo National Underwent CABG and Kidney Transplant Surgery in Turkey

    Mr Cleon Masumbuko Mufungizi, 61 years old is a Congo national. Mr Mufungizi had been complaining of heart palpitations for a while. He realized the seriousness of the discomfort when he also experienced chest pains. Mr Cleon Masumbuko Mufungizi wanted the best treatment to be made available to him. Mr Cleon Masumbuko Mufungizi realized that […]

  • A Patient from US Underwent Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

    Mr Andrew Lowry is from the USA. He is 35 years old and has been struggling with weight loss for a while. He wanted to opt for a weight loss surgery to assist him in his weight loss journey for a healthier living. Mr Lowry wanted a cost-effective cheaper option without compromising on the standard […]

  • A Patient from UK Underwent Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

    Mr Andrew Lowry is from the United Kingdom. He is 35 years old and has been struggling with weight loss for a while. He wanted to opt for a weight loss surgery to assist him in his weight loss journey for a healthier living. Mr Lowry wanted a cost-effective cheaper option without compromising on the […]

  • A British National Underwent Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

    Mr Ian, 33-year-old British citizen, wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery for gynecomastia. Mr Ian was looking for economy options to get his cosmetic surgery done and came across MediGence. MediGence helped him throughout the entire process in identifying the correct option in Turkey, which was his preferred destination. He was assigned a case manager who […]

  • A Pakistan National Underwent Kidney Transplant in Turkey

    Mr Fareed Khan, a 40-year-old Pakistan national, was suffering from polycystic kidney disease and was looking to get a kidney transplant. Mr Fareed decided that the best treatment for him would be available abroad and decided to pursue overseas surgery options. He came across MediGence and one of his relatives contacted us by sending an […]

  • A Patient from USA Underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in Turkey

    Mr Matthew Coughlin is from the United States of America. He is 59 years old and has been wanting a Gastric sleeve bypass to assist him in his weight loss journey for a better and healthier living. Mr Matthew Coughlin wanted quality healthcare that doesn’t cost a fortune. He realized that he must be open […]

  • A Patient from Somalia underwent Right Lung Resection in Turkey

    Mr Abdi Ali Osman, 50, a Somalian national was diagnosed with a critical large tumour on his lung. The tumour was pressing his heart and was causing continuous cough which worsened every day. Mr Abdi Ali Osman wanted the best treatment option made available to him hence searched the internet. Mr Abdi Ali Osman decided […]

  • A Trinidad and Tobago Patient Underwent Kidney Transplant in Turkey

    Desiree has been a renal patient for many years. She underwent the first renal transplantation more than a decade ago and now since her creatinine levels had started to increase again, the local doctors in Trinidad and Tobago suggested that it is time to go for another kidney transplant. She came to India in early […]

  • When to Wear Gloves To Prevent COVID-19?

    Gloves form an essential part of the personal protective equipment (PPE). However, unlike masks, gloves are not supposed to be worn all the time or when outdoors to buy groceries. As per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gloves should be worn under two circumstances: When caring for the sick Gloves should […]

  • Types of COVID-19 Vaccines Being Developed Globally

    A vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is being vouched as the only and the best hope to end the pandemic that has claimed the lives of more than 330,000 people worldwide. Pharmaceutical companies and researchers across the world are in a race to develop a safe and effective vaccination for COVID-19. Many such […]

  • Common Household Materials That Can Be Used As COVID-19 Masks

    A simple three-layered cotton cloth mask is enough to prevent COVID-19 infection from possible exposure to droplets that may otherwise enter through nose or mouth. Therefore, people do not have to unnecessarily hoard or purchase only surgical masks or N-95 masks for the general use of masks for protection against COVID-19. There are certain guidelines […]

  • 5 Ways to Protecting Your Workspace Against Coronavirus

    The long-term success of the efforts being made by professional organizations and healthcare experts across the world against COVID-19 cannot be guaranteed without the support of the general public, including business operators and employees. Employers and employees collaboratively have to work if we are to stop the spread of coronavirus. Considering most of the countries […]

  • No Approved Drug or Chemical For Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus

    The health authorities have time and again requested people not to take any drug or medicines by themselves in an attempt to cure coronavirus. When something is available for the treatment of COVID-19, it will be publicly announced by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is already coordinating with the pharmaceutical companies and researchers […]

  • COVID-19 Prevention and Safety Measures During Air Travel

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, international air travel has completely come to a halt. This has severely affected medical travelers, who are unable to fly to another country at the moment to seek quality and affordable healthcare abroad. However, once the international air travel resumes, it will no longer feel the same. The social norms […]

  • What is COVID19-Related Inflammatory Syndrome In Children?

    A rare and life-threatening COVID19-related inflammatory syndrome is rampant in children in the US and the European Union. Children with this mysterious illness – that resembles Kawasaki Disease – show symptoms such as rashes, persistent high fever, inflammation, and loss of functioning of multiple organs such as heart, kidneys, and liver. Data from New York […]

  • Tips On Providing Mental Support To Others Amid COVID-19 Crisis

    Your little act of kindness can provide the much needed mental health support to those suffering from depression, loneliness, stress, and negative thinking amid the COVID19 pandemic. Fear, stress, and worry are considered a normal reaction in humans to real of perceived threats. Now that the entire world is battling COVID-19 and is scared for […]

  • Best Ways to Engage with Kids during COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

    COVID19 is a universal crisis, which has an impact on children as well. With a restriction on playing outdoor games to just hanging out with their friends, the lock-down measures can severely impact their physical as well as mental well-being. Therefore, parents need to spend time with their kids of all age groups and help […]

  • Best Ways to Prevent COVID-19 Cyber Scams

    COVID-19 could be a perfect opportunity for cyber scammers and hackers to execute what they are good at. Do not let anyone take advantage of you, financially or otherwise, during the coronavirus pandemic. Cyber scammers can target the population in the following ways: By Sending Suspicious Links Over SMS, Email or Social Media Hackers may […]