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  • Home Care Conference: A Discussion with AlayaCare

    This article is brought to you by AlayaCare. The article is based on an interview that took place during a live panel discussion with Adrian Schauer, Founder and CEO of AlayaCare; Vicki Hoak, Executive Director of Home Care Association of America; Todd Austin, Chief Operating Officer for Home Care Pulse; and Shiwan Chung, leader of […]

  • FUTURE Talks: A Panel Discussion with AlayaCare

    This article is sponsored by AlayaCare. The panel took place during a live Q&A session with James Graff, Director of Quality and Value of Elara Caring, and Jennifer Gentzlinger, COO of Premier Home Health Care, moderated by Brady Murphy, Partner & Chief Revenue Officer of AlayaCare at the HHCN FUTURE event in Chicago held on […]

  • AlayaCare Acquires Delta Health Technologies, Accelerates Medicare Home Health Strategy in US

    Home-focused software and technology company AlayaCare has acquired Delta Health Technologies, a provider of home health solutions. Traditionally a home care software enabler, this acquisition accelerates a strategy that AlayaCare has been honing in on: expanding significantly into the U.S. Medicare home health market. “Our platform does lots of skilled care in other markets,” AlayaCare […]

  • Growth Post-Pandemic: How Home-Based Care can Diversify

    Like providers in all health care settings, the COVID-19 pandemic has not been kind to home-based care professionals. Yet the pandemic is also unlocking major growth opportunities for home-based care agencies in the form of revenue diversification. That’s because in dealing with the pandemic’s myriad challenges, home-based care providers found more partnership, acquisition and growth […]

  • How to Improve Caregiver Retention by Predicting Their Satisfaction

    As CEO and president of home-based care company Integracare, Lee Grunberg was battling the same retention and staffing challenges that have plagued the industry since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although Integracare was well below industry turnover levels, Grunberg felt he needed a more tangible way to measure caregiver satisfaction, which he could then […]

  • Caregiver Churn Remains Key Challenge for Home-Based Care Providers

    Home-based care providers had plenty of COVID-19-related challenges to overcome, including personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages and cash-flow difficulties. Yet caregiver churn remains the top concern for many in-home care operators. It’s one of the greatest roadblocks to growth as well. The public health emergency has only compounded the staffing challenges that have plagued providers […]

  • 3 Ways New Technology Platforms Can Improve Client Experience

    No home care agency makes a major technology change lightly. Brian Arant didn’t. As owner and executive director of Visiting Angels in Pueblo, Colorado, Arant knew that he wanted to improve client experience while making his operation paperless, and he needed a responsive technology partner to do both. Starting last July and concluding this January, […]

  • How Long-Term Care Insurance Billing Systems Boost Care Outcomes

    2021 is the year of the home. Patients are becoming more comfortable using technology to receive care in the comfort of their own home while simultaneously becoming concerned about entering hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. And both hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (SNF) are beginning to battle home health agencies for ownership of the at-home […]

  • Public Perception of In-Home Care Is ‘Through the Roof’

    Most home health predictions for 2020 were marred by COVID-19. But now that the industry has dealt with a public health emergency for over eight months, insiders are trying their hand at 2021 — and hoping for less unpredictability this time around. Next year will undoubtedly be shaped by COVID-19’s effects. Specifically, the virus will […]

  • Stuck in the Stone Age: 30% of Home-Based Care Providers Aren’t Using Technology Tools

    The COVID-19 emergency has underscored how valuable technology can be when it comes to caring for seniors in their homes. But while home-based care providers are increasingly upping their use of various technology solutions to aid in their virtual care efforts, there is still a number of providers uncertain about the value-add such tools offer.  […]