Eli Lilly gets glucose-sensing “smart insulin” via buyout of preclinical Protomer

Eli Lilly has Protomer Technologies, a preclinical startup developing next-generation insulin that senses blood glucose levels and adjusts its activity accordingly. The technology could eliminate the need for multiple insulin injections throughout the day.

Biden’s latest executive order aims to boost healthcare competition

President Joe Biden has signed a new executive order to tackle anti-competitive behavior across American industries. With regard to healthcare, Biden is directing federal agencies to revise guidelines for hospital mergers, enable people to comparison shop health plans on the ACA marketplaces and work with states to import drugs from Canada.

Report: Healthcare M&A skewing toward regional partnerships

The total number of mergers and acquisitions in healthcare fell below historic figures for the second quarter of the year, but total transacted revenue remained high at $8.5 billion. Trends appear to be shifting however, with an increasing number of regional partnerships occurring among health systems as opposed to acquisitions of independent hospitals.

Report: Hospitals, insurers, PE firms own nearly half of physician practices

The Covid-19 pandemic spurred the rate of physician practice acquisition by hospitals and corporate entities, like payers and private equity firms, a new report shows. As a result, by January 2021, about 48% of physician practices across the country were owned by one or the other entity.

Healthcare fintech M&A expected to boost patient experience, provider operations

M&A activity in the healthcare finance technology is heating up, evidenced by large transactions such as Cedar buying OODA Health and R1 RCM buying VisitPay. Experts agree that this activity won’t end anytime soon, and it will have a positive impact on providers and patients.

Report: Fewer health system M&A deals in Q1 2021 offset by larger transactions

Though the number of merger and acquisition deals in the first quarter of 2021 fell below historical averages, the size of the deals was far bigger than the same period last year, a new report from Kaufman Hall shows. The total transacted revenue was $8.8 billion, the second-highest Q1 figure in the last five years.

Takeda to buy out Maverick in $525M bet on bringing T cells to solid tumors

Takeda Pharmaceutical and Maverick Therapeutics have been R&D partners since 2017. In buying out its partner, Takeda acquires technology and drug candidates that could offer advantages compared to CAR-T therapies, including the potential to treat solid tumors.

Financial strain, new modes of care delivery to drive provider consolidation through 2030

As a result of rapid consolidation, the 10 biggest health systems controlled 24% of market share based on patient revenue by 2018. The trend is expected to continue through the next decade, with health systems facing growing financial pressures and an increase in demand for new types of care delivery.