How IT Service Management Tools Are Assisting in Healthcare

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Recruiting and keeping IT talent is a challenge in the healthcare world, which often loses workers to other highly competitive industries. Employing top talent is necessary to keep healthcare organizations running effectively and efficiently and to maintain a competitive advantage in an industry experiencing major change amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The reliance on technology in healthcare is so profound,” Erik Decker, chief information security and privacy officer at University of Chicago Medicine, tells HealthTech. “It’s not possible for us to operate for any sustained period of time on paper.”

With skilled workers in high demand — and unemployment in the field reaching a 20-year low in May 2019 — healthcare is being forced to adapt in order to find a sustainable way forward in maintaining quality IT services.

One solution: modern IT service management tools. This approach can streamline workflows and fill gaps in IT in healthcare while saving healthcare systems time and money.